Saturday, 9 August 2014

The Tilly British Bake Off!

So we have been inspired by the Great British Bake Off on Tv and today we decided to have a baking afternoon. I had never watched the programme before this series, but with much Talk about the programme on Twitter, we thought we would sit down and watch it.

I took Tilly to the Supermarket and let her choose a cake mix (i thought it would be easier for her to make) and of course she chose a Disney Princess Mix. I had such lovely visions of her beautiful cakes she was going to create untill she said she wanted to make a cake the size of a potato, so ladylike i thought! But she had fun, we made the cakes and popped them onto Facebook and asked our friends for vote :)

Mixing and Pouring

All the finished cakes :)

Of course no where near as good as the #gbbo Cakes, but i wasnt born to make cakes, i was born to sell Fragrance haha.

Do you watch The Great British Bake Of? Who is going to win?

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