Friday, 29 March 2013

A sad day :(

Today i found out that a very good friend of mine died, so i am dedicating my blog today to sharing what life was like with him .

I met Kez 20 years ago nearly when Kimmy was a yr old and our circumstances meant that we ended up in a hostel and Kez and his wife and kids were our neighbors.

He was the original jack the lad, always up to no good and always obtaining things that people needed, we struck up quite a friendship between the 2 families and within 6 months we had moved into our own property, that we bought. We kept up the friendship and Kez's wife was one of my closest girly friends and my chief bridesmaid.

My marriage lasted 6 months and after it broke up, kez was the first friend round to help me through the break up and help me with 3 children aged 3 and under. When my exhusband snatched my son, Kez was the one who came to court that very day and supported me and eventually helped in getting my son back. He would take me to the supermarket and help out around the house. Soon i started building my life again as a single parent, only to find his wife had left him and taken the kids. It was my turn to be the sholder to cry on.

We started a relationship, it was totally wrong, totally innapropriate and totally the the wrong timing but even with all the wrongs, it felt like the right thing to do. <3. All though things didnt work out between us, it somehow cemented our friendship and he had stepped in to being a father figure for my children.

Over the years we were very much part of each others lives and we made a pact that we would get married when we were thirty, but i moved away and when i turned thirty he asked me every week for a whole year to marry him, and as i had started to party, it wasnt the time to settle down, so i kept saying no. So we agreed when i was 35 we would marry, only by then i was partying harder and had started a relationship with tillys dad, so as much as he kept asking me to marry him, i kept saying no. I thought my life was set with Tillys dad, but it goes to show that you never know what is about to happen and what way your life will go. Again we decided when i was 40 and i think he kind of gave up lol.

As i had moved away, we obviously didnt see much of each other, but talked weekly on the phone, one night i told him how lonely i was and the next thing i knew, he was on the motorway on his way, driving 150 miles to give me a hug. When he arrived, he told me his car had broken down on the motorway and he had abandoned it and hitched the rest of the way to me finally arriving at 2am. even though he had all that against him he still came all that way to give me a hug and then took the train home the following day. everytime i think of how far he would go, i have a smile on my face. I will miss him telling me he loves me :(

goodbye Kez, i love you too

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