Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A snow day

What a lousy day :/ Its so cold. This meant only one thing - pyjama day infront of the TV. It gave us chance to catch up on all the programmes on the YouView box. .......... so 18 episodes of Mike the Knight, 6 episodes of Get Well Soon and endless episodes of Tilly and friends (Tilly thinks it is all about her life lol) i feel like my mind is numbed with over use of kids programmes.

So the next game was to want to ring people up and chat with them, i know its nice she wants to talk to them but then they answer and she doesnt say anything lol.

The weather has turned bad and its all blizzardy, Bethy got on the bus for a 45 minute journey and ended up getting home 6 and half hours later. Lorries had jack-knifed, people abandoned their cars and the traffic was at a standstill. Stagecoach bus decided to update their fb page at midnight, saying there was a delay - really? i hadnt noticed!!!

Tomorrow and Princess Tilly are off to farnborough for a few days break and see some family. Travelling by coach, so hopefully the roads are clear by then xx

Night night xx

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