Sunday, 17 March 2013

Decorating day

So today i woke up and decided it was time to decorate the bedroom. Tilly and me have to share a tiny room 6ft by 7ft, so it fits a bed. a junior bed and a wardrobe, but there is no floor space but it saves on the hoovering ;)

So off go, myself, Bethy and tilly in search of paint to satisfy my high mood. We Took the bus to Whitfield to go to Homebase, where we found paint was 3 for 2 and another 20% off, so we ended up getting far too much for the 'just in case we need it' scenario.

Next stop was Tesco, where we had been sent with instructions from kim to buy duvet, duvet covers, pillows ......... and then we had to struggle on the bus home with 15 litres of paint, a duvet, a duvet cover, pillows, waterproof sheets and a roast for tomorrows dinner. What a palava!!

But we got it all home safely and started to paint when we got home, and my little princess joined in too. :)

Also won an oasis handbag on an online competition today - chuffed isnt the word , i was over the moon. xx

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