Thursday, 28 March 2013

Everybody needs a little pampering.....

Today was lovely not having to take Tilly to school, I had time to get up myself, go to the post office to collect my Tickets To Justin and friends, grab a Costa, get the bus to Dover and still be early for class lol.

Today i had a variety of clients in, first was the lovely Kaylah, who wanted 'pretties' on her nails. I dont agree with children wearing make-up but a little bit of nail varnish is so cute. Kaylah chose the pink colour that was closest to princess pink and we put transfers over the top. :) she went off a happy little girl. Then i had my very first waxing client, nervous doesnt even start to describe how i felt. But all went well and my lovely client was very happy.

My next client cancelled so I had time to paint the nails of the little girl that belongs to my friend and fellow student Karni. Its so hard when your studying and trying to bring up children, you are always thinking about childcare and who is going to look after your child on the days the school is shut. Luckily alesha is old enough to sit in the class and do her own thing while her mummy worked on client. As she had been so well behaved i painted her nails and added so glitter, again she chose pink (which seems to be every girls dream colour)

Tonight i am absolutely exhausted but trying to get a head start on my homework, so i dont have to keep up with it while i am on the easter break. so i will say good night as work tomrrow xx

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