Saturday, 16 March 2013

Home Sweet Home

OMG, my daughter seems to have had a rush of hormones or something as her mood swings this morning were unbearable. She has done nothing but winge and cry. I felt bad for the people on the coach :(

After what seemed like a quick trip to london we got off the bus and tried to find somewhere to buy a mobile phone  top-up. You would think being london there would be loads of places, but oh no!! its was a hard job lol. so finally got it, dragged lil miss winginess to the dover bus and got on. Again the fab car seat and child friendly seats. But by god, did this bus stink, i cant believe that it stank so bad. there was a problem with the toilet and we were sat at the front but the stench was still so bad i couldnt complete my whole journey. i got off the bus at canterbury instead of dover and paid for a stagecoach bus home.

whilst in Canters i took tilly to the Build a Bear shop, she bought herself a princess bear with her birthday money and loved the making it. then named it Tangled after her favourite film. The staff there were fab and so helpful. i got £5 off the bear and was offered a £10 voucher for £5, so really the voucher was free as i paid with my £5 voucher. Ideal for when she wants a bear in the future :)

We met kimmy from uni and got the bus home. It was so nice to be home with my other children, even though they never did any housework whilst i was away and there is a pile of laundry by the washing machine. obviously zach ran out of clean clothes and thought it was time to put some for a wash!!!

Early to bed tonight i think. night night xx

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