Monday, 25 March 2013

Its Monday again already??

today its too cold and windy, so we stayed in untill ballet class. as it was the end of term, the parents and family are allowed to stay and watch today.

I was so excited and the excitement built up untill 3.15, when we braved the wind and cold to go to ballet. Dressed Tilly in her brand new ballet outfit and her shoes that apparently make her dance better, sat down to watch her dance - only to discover she wouldnt leave my side :/

Eventually she started to join in a bit, it think the thought of the audience was a bit much for her :(, i wish she would shine and enjoy it like the other girls were. she loves the classes, just not performing in front of other people

I also had a phone call from Heart radio today to say that i had won a competition for a family ticket to go to see Cbeebies live at Wembley which Tills will absolutely love :) We are going to meet my cousin who has a 4yr old boy and have a fabby day on April 6th :)

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