Monday, 18 March 2013

More decorating and hair full of paint

Today we spent the day decorating. The colour paint we bought was amethyst but when we looked at Tillys unicorn, it was the same colour, so we have renamed it 'unicon' colour - which made tilly chuckle.

Tilly bless her heart wanted to help so much with the decorating, but she kept standing under the ladder and getting paint in her hair, so kimmy solved the problem by giving her a baseball cap to wear. I just know i am going to have trouble getting it out of her hair :(

Its nice that all my children have chipped in and helped to try and transform our tiny room into a princess room fit for a princess. We may have out rough times but i couldnt wish for better kids, they are the world to me and after all i went through, we are closer than we ever were xx

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