Friday, 15 March 2013

My aunty Jan

Now i am going to tell you about my aunty Jan, She is my mothers sister and unfortunatly i dont speak to my mum after she stopped talking to me when i was pregnant with Tilly. So Jan has kind of stepped in and become Nanny Jan to Tilly, and my uncle John is Grandad Camper (he is camper mad). When i was very ill with severe PND after i had Tilly, my auntie was there for me and helped me pick up some of the pieces and help put my life back together again. For this i will forever hold a special place in my heart for her <3

This weekend is her birthday, so i have offered to take her to lunch and i gave her a manicure. Sometimes a girl needs pampering.

We went to lunch with my other Aunty Pat and we had a good catch up and a giggle about the good old days when we used to go and cause havoc in the pubs when we were younger lol.

The meal we had in the restaurant was lush and tilly had the most amazing looking double choc surprise thing, it was almost as tall as her

This afternoon Kerry my cousin had a delivery for a competition she entered and she had won a hamper and £500 worth of spa break vouchers - she is so lucky, so she has now shown me how to enter them and as soon as i started on an instant win comp, i won a £28 pair of oasis jeggings, cool they will go away for someone for xmas. I will not have another xmas like last year when i couldnt afford it and i was due to have my house repossessed a week before xmas. :( stressfull times.

tomorrow we are going home, i dont feel like i have been here long enough - Although my aunty will probably say it was long enough lol.

On a good note, my aunty is looking at booking Butlins for when me and Tilly are going in September :) xx

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