Wednesday, 6 March 2013

my introduction :)

Hi everyone, this is the first day of my blog but everyone starts somewhere. My name is Vicky and I have 4 children Kimmy is nearly 21, Zach is 19, Bethany is 17 and Tilly who is three in a few days. My head has been full of organising the perfect party for weeks and I am too scared to stop and think about how much we have spent :/ . Kimmy is helping too so its so nice to do a joint project with her. Its the first birthday I am looking forward to enjoying with her, due to being so ill after she was born. So a Princess party it is then. I cant move in my lounge for decorations and party goodies for the 60+ kids I have invited (yikes). but then I don't do parties by halves, When zach was 4 I hired a fire engine for him. It was hard to top that one lol. 

I work one day a week and I study at college for 2 days and then have study to do at home too which is normally done with a toddler either climbing over me, with her foot in my face in bed (yes, we co-sleep) or whilst playing princesses and dragons (I am always the dragon of course!!). my life is busy, unorganised and sometimes mayhem but I wouldn't have it any other way. Being a single mum rocks!! 

Anyway welcome to my world :) xx

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