Thursday, 14 March 2013

Oh no the country again!! lol

Today was the big day we were going to visit Sam and her family and Fiona and her boys.

We got up early and travelled by train to westbury, when we got there i was like an excited child. Fiona and Sam met us from the station and we went to fionas for coffee. Tilly loved it, so much space and so many toys to play with. Then when we had caused havoc there and embarrassed fionas poor husband we went to get Sams little boy from nursery. He was so chuffed to see Tilly and i cant believe how much he has grown up in the past 6 months.

Eventually Kirstin and Lewis came home from school and were chuffed to see us, its sad we were only there for a day :( just before we had to leave Mike came home from work. Now Mike is called Daddy mike, this goes back to about 18 months ago when we went to stay and mike had arrived home from work. All of the children ran to the door syaing 'Daddy, Daddy, Daddys home' so Tilly obviously thought this was normal and did the same. it was a bit awkward at the time but Mike thought it was lovely and she has called him Daddy Mike ever since! i am a great believer that a father gives you life but a daddy offers love and i hope Mike is there for her when she is growing up <3

unfortunatly we had to leave early and get the train home, i love the country but i had no phone signal, so it was nice to get back to civilisation and return to Farnborough. We were exhausted after a long day but We thoroughly enjoyed it xx

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