Sunday, 24 March 2013

Snowy Saturday

After the most awful night from Miss Tilly, where she was up most of the night having a right old tantrum, i am exhausted before the day has even started. I really dont think i signed up for this part of motherhood - someone wrote a clause in the smallprint didnt they, damn that always catches me out.

Bethany is up bright and early and is off to the Next sale. It is snowing really heavy, can you actually believe it is spring? she is taking the little monster so that i can have some me time, which is really nice :)

So half way through doing the biggest pile of laundry there is a knock on the door and its the postman holding a large parcel for me. In excitement we rip it open and there is a Breville cupcake maker in the cutest pink colour. Kimmy is absolutely smitten with it and i cant get a look in lol.

I have managed to wrestle it back and i will make some cakes in the next few days and we will review the Cupcake maker.

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