Sunday, 10 March 2013

The Big Day

So today is my little girls big day, She woke up and came down stairs to find the birthday fairy had been :), it was all so magical and her face was a picture .  All her gifts from us went down a treat.

In the afternoon we set about changing a church hall into a party room fit for a princess, Tilly went off with her brother and came back to a hall filled with friends all dressed up as princes and princesses. To her this was magic, i wish i could bottle up all her expressions and look at them when i was feeling down because the magical look on her face would cheer the sadest of people up.

 Tilly as repunzel

I really should of had a cut off point with the numbers though, as i saw a couple of friends arrive but then seemed to blink and the room was filled with about 40 kids. I just stood there in utter shock, but good old Kimmy took charge and organised games for them to play, before we sat them down for some food. 

The princess placemats were hand made, by using A4 printouts from the computer and laminating them and they make great gifts for the children to take home too.

This photographic prop was amazing and was only £2.99 from an online shop but it made the little girls look like they were travelling in a carriage. its only 2ft tall and is made from thin card, but it did the job and added a bit more imagination to her party. After her friends left we had a massive clean up to do and four bin bags later, we finally left the hall exhausted and ready to go to bed even though it was only 6.30pm. 

And just like a fairy story, at the end of the night the prince gets his princess :) 

We had a thoroughly good time and i would do it all over again, I had some lovely friends helping out too, they know who they are and i want them to know how much i appreciate their help.

I want to thank all of our friends for helping me celebrate tillys birthday, its the first one that i have wanted to celebrate because of the PND. But we celebrated it good :) 

Happy 3rd birthday Matilda <3

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