Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The end of term in near......

This is the last tuesday we have to get up early for a few weeks :)

So this morning i have a very very grumpy lady here. We had a major epic fail last night when Tilly decided to fall asleep at 6pm, soi thought great, she is out for the night but....... ARGHHHHHH she woke up half an hour later, full of life and bouncing off the walls :/ so i had her up till midnight being very noisy. its not fair on her older brothers and sisters. This morning i have had tears, kicking, and tantrums trying to get her to school. Once she was there i just left her, and hopefully she will have a nap. I am at my wits end with how to get her to sleep, its been 4 nights in a row with disturbed sleep ..... im sure i didnt sign up for this part!

At college we learned about eyelash extensions and had them done - omg they are so cool and so easy to put in.

You need some
Individual lashes
Lash glue, try to get a clear one as the glues that come in packs are white and still visible when  theyre dry.

Start in the middle of the lashes and apply the size you require working outwards, then to the middle. You can use smaller lashes towards the outside for a more natural look or larger lashes for a more intense look. You add a little bit of glue to the lashes and leave it to dry for a few seconds before placing it in your own lashes. the affect is lovely and so much more natural than strips of lashes.

I love the look!

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