Monday, 11 March 2013

The morning after the day before

Miss Tilly woke up at 11am!!! i think someone was tired out after her big day yesterday. We had to face all of the putting away today, the sorting of her new toys and unwrapping of more presents that she was too tired to do last night.

Today was mothers day too. I got a lovely couple of gifts off Kimmy and Tilly. Tilly was allowed to choose her own gift for me so i got a nail art set, but i think they bought it for me so that i can do their nails lol. Kimmy bought me a Law and Order box set as i am just getting into it. Zach didnt buy anything, he said he didnt believe in it, its just made up by the card shops to sell cards. sometimes kids can be so hurtful :( he could of made a card if he didnt believe in buying one,  Finally at 9pm little miss attitude bethany gave me a bar of chocolate, that she wouldnt of given me if a friend hadnt asked if i had received it. A friend had given her some money to buy some chocolate and she bought 2 bars of it. Ate one herself and only gave me the second one as i had asked where it was. So day has been a bittersweet mothers day.

Tilly even bought mothers day cards for her sisters saying 'your just like a mum to me' on the front. i think its so nice that they make cards like this :) its a way i can show my appreciation too

Well the weekend has gone by in a whizz and tomorrow is monday, so i better get back to my homework. night night everyone xx

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