Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The princess and the dalek

After a nice lay in this morning, went to baby group. I didnt take Tilly though because Princess Aurora wanted to come instead, so off we go on our merry way with Princess Aurora in her carriage (the buggy) and we come across some Daleks shooting us in the road. I do love my daughters imagination and i hope it never goes away.

All day she has been asking me to take her photo, so i have a few to put on here. Its quite strange because she never asks for her photo to be taken, but i will make the most of her posing :)

Being eaten by the whale in the library :/ lol

  Fishing with the stick she found, then went to a shop to ask them to put string on it lol.

I got home this afternoon to find there was a recorded delivery that i couldnt sign for so i expect its my winning tickets to go and see Mr Tumble. waiting overnight to go and collect the tickets is going to kill me, i hate waiting for anything lol.

This afternoon we sat down to catch up on the programmes that we have recorded on the TalkTalk box.
This afternoon we chose Get Squiggling and watched 5 episodes back to back. This programme encourages parents to help their children to draw and use imagination

Squiglet lives in a plain white world but soon it is full of colour and comes to life.Squiglet has some magic crayons called squiggle sticks and with these, squiglet shows the children how to draw colourful characters on their Squiggle Pads.Squiglet comes to life and full of imagination and inspiration for the little ones as everyone sings and enjoys the programme.

There are also episodes where  squiglet is teaching the alphabet, each episode is devoted to a different letter and it really encourages the early development of letters in a language they understand.

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