Friday, 8 March 2013

Time for a Manicure

Wow today has been a long day, up at 6.30am and out the door for the bus to college by 7.15am. As I dragged Tilly down the road it looks like we have packed enough for a weeks holiday, yet we are only going to school for the day!!!

Quick cooked brekkie at Morrisons before Tilly's school drop off and then a mad dash through Dover to get to my school. I am knackered already lol. finally have time to go to the loo, finish getting my uniform on and brushing my hair before welcoming my Client. One luxury french manicure and nail art pedicure later we are done and i have to make that dash across Dover again to collect Tilly from nursery 20 mins late :(.

 Then it was time to get the chocolate cakes out as it was karn'is birthday too. Little Miss
T had a manicure of her own as a birthday treat from the girls at college.

 Tonight after getting home from school it was straight into sorting out party goodies, making party cups, instead of party bags, checking numbers, making name labels for the party cups and wrapping sweets in special wrappers saying ' thank you for coming to my party'. i think after Saturday i will never want to see another princess again, but for the time being you would think i was arranging a royal wedding. Anyway night night as work in the morning.

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