Friday, 22 March 2013

Trauma, Tears and a torn nail

My poor baby, a few weeks ago she caught her finger in the door and Zach closed the door on them, without realising, we went to minor injuries at the local hospital who checked her over and said her nail might fall off. So fast forward to last weekend and i was wearing a long cardigan, Tilly was running around like she does and she caught her fingers in my cardigan button hole. We had tears and complaints of it hurting, but brushed it aside and changed the subject for her. Today we went to Morrisons for Breakfast and i took an orange stick from my beauty kits to clean out her nail as it looked like she had loads of dirt under her sore nail.  I tried to scrape the dirt, but it lifted her whole nail up and i felt sick and faint. I asked for a plaster and wrapped it round her finger and took her to nursery. As soon as i tried to leave her, she was in tears, clinging on to me and not letting me go. Unfortunatly i had a client at college so i had to go, but i just wanted to grab her and take her home. It took all my will power to walk away and leave her at school.

Upon arrival at college i contacted my client and put her back by half an hour and just sat down chilling. Luckily when my client arrived for her manicure, i was ready and had calmed down enough to do my work and thankfully it was a success :) manicure finished off with a bit of nail art. i think nails is the way i want to go :)

 michelle is having this colour for her wedding in the summer and is going to try a few different nail ideas out for the big day. this was a lovely purple sally hansen colour with cerise gems attatched :)

After college i had to go and collect Tilly, as soon as she saw me she started crying and saying she wanted to go straight home and not go to the hospital to sort her fingers out. Luckily she fell asleep on the bus home and when we arrived at minor injuries, we were the only ones there. Tilly was still asleep and the staff there were amazing, they came out to the waiting room to sort her out so that we didnt have to move Tilly to wake her up. They checked her out and strapped her poorly nails down, saying that they dont remove the nail, we have to wait for it to fall off naturally.

Walking home and tilly woke up, looked at her fingers and just shrugged it off - i think i got off lightly with her lol.

Tonight is going to be an early night for me, its been quite traumatic, but i kept it together instead of falling apart like i normally do. Thats 1to me and 0 to mental health xx

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