Friday, 5 April 2013

Friday work day

When i go to work, it is the only place i go to try and be me, i try not to take my personal life there because for four hours a week i am Vicky aged 40, sales assistant. I am not Vicky mother to four, struggling to keep my head above water. I put my fake head on and off i go - but i love it.

 My manager is amazing and was so extremely good when i was ill and couldnt cope with work. I went to her and told her i needed to A. quit completely, B. take some parental leave or C. dramatically cut down my hours from 16 to 6. she was so good and we talked through and quitting would of been no good for me as i would of regretted it, if i took the parental leave, i honestly dont think i would of gone back after so i dropped to 6 hours a week. eventually due to loss of hours within the company it had to drop to 4, but it still suits me fine. My manager is so understanding because she also lets me work my hours around the older children too so there is someone to help out and look after Tilly.

As i am now doing the beauty course, it has given me a new enthusiasm for work and working with the cosmetics and skin care. I feel like i can give the correct advice to the customers where products are concerned and i feel like i am giving that bit of extra customer service when i go out of my way to give that little bit of extra help.

Some day soon i hope to get my hours back as i feel able to cope, starting the beauty course in october was a massive step for me and it was a way to test the waters to see if i could cope working more hours. I feel ready now and besides i miss the money lol :)

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