Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Midweek catchup

Yesterday was a bit of a rush trying to get out the house to college, after the weekend away. But as usual we managed it :). Got to college and found out i had an exam on waxing that i hadnt revised for - slight panic set in but if we fail we have 2 more chances to retake the exam and hopefully pass. But i passed with 85% on first attempt so i am sooooo happy :)

Wednesday is my catchup day, Mondays and Tuesdays are so busy for us, that by the time Wednesday comes it is nice to have a day for just me and my baby girl. We go to the local church baby group that i love as its all older women and childminders, so there is no bitching and stirring that i have come across in some other baby groups. Its part of Bethys church too so its nice for Tilly to go there to get to know the people as i think Beth wants Tilly to join the church choir like she is a member. Church isn't a big part of my life but we go on special occasions and  Beth made the choice to become a member of the choir when she was 7 and is still going there 10 years on.

Loads of prep to do today, i am working on a wedding make-up for college tomorrow, Michelles special day is in august and her colour theme is purple. she has blue eyes and i have got some lovely ideas for her, she can then take all the ideas and show them to her beauty therapist on the day :)

Zach told me he wants to quit college today, This has panicked me quite a bit as it means i lose his csa, child benefit and Child tax credit. He is 19 and i cant tell him what to do, he has a job working as a groundsman at the local golf course, so i know he will do more hours and he has offered to make the money up that i will lose, so that will ease things a bit. I have the most amazing kids and as i bought them up myself after their dad left 18 years ago, its something to be proud of :)

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