Saturday, 27 April 2013

my special sisters

Today i am going to introduce you to some very special people in my life, these are a few of my sisters and we share a very special bond, a soul destroying bond, but its the strongest bond i have ever seen in a bunch of women.

Firstly we have Sam, she is my wife (although she is really married to mike) She is one of us that doesn't take the crap and has all the best ideas and answers to everything - what you see is what you get and she is the only person allowed to tell me off and sometimes the only person i listen to. She knows me better than i know myself sometimes. I first met her just under 2 and half years ago in an online PND group and met in real life in feb 2011. She is the closest thing i will ever have to my own sister  <3

Next is Fiona, she is a crafty mother of 2 georgous boys (when i say crafty i mean good at crafts and not a sneaky mother ) She has her own website through fb called QT crafts
She started her crafts as a therapy to help her overcome her PND, i first met Fiona online about 2 years ago but 'in real life'  about 18 months ago. She has the best sense of humour and always see's the bright side of things even when its so hard not to. When life throws this chick lemons she throws them back ten fold.

Vickie Is my Northern sister, she wont take crap from anyone. Vickie is the type of person you want on your side in a fight. No matter what is going on in her life, she always puts her problems behind her to help you.  She is planning her wedding to mark in 2014 and she deserves it, even though Vickie suffers from fibromyalga, she is making all the little finishing touches for the wedding herself to give it all the extra special finish. Mark is a very lucky man :) Vickie is a gran to two lovely grand daughters and mother to 6 and a step mother to 2 boys. I first met Vickie about 2 years ago.

Teresa is earth mother and super scrimper, how i yearn to be like her sometimes. I always spend too much money and i really need to take a leaf out of her book sometimes. She is mother of one beautiful little girl and has a boy on the way very soon. Teresa came into my life a couple of years ago too. Teresa has some amazing will power and when she puts her mind to something, she succeeds so well.

Charlotte T is glam, sassy sister. she is the mother of one handsome little boy, and lives with her lovely husband and mother again from the north, she is the tattooed mama of the group and so artistic. She always looks so good in her pictures, not like me with my hair all a mess and wearing any old rags and food rubbed into my clothes courtesy of Tilly. Charlotte would go to the ends of the world to help a friend in need and has done on many occaisions. She is one of the youngest of my group of sisters and we all like to keep that special eye on her  <3

I cant possibly mention all my girls but each and every one of us is different to each other,  yet we have common ground. We are bound together through something that could have destroyed us and we hold each other up. At least one time each over the past few years we have saved one another from the inevitable and have been supported back up from the depths of darkness. The sister shack for ever girls <3 <3 <3

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