Monday, 15 April 2013

One great weekend at chessington - with the exception of the epic ride breakdown over the gorrilla cage :/

I apologise for a four day blog entry in one blog but i was unable to take the laptop away to Chessington World of Adventures.

Friday We left after a shift at work and after a 3 hour train journey arrived at Chessington in time for a couple of hours in the park. We had to renew our passes and my little baby has her own one. Its so hard seeing her growing up. Tillys little face lit up when she saw the rides and wanted to go on them all at the same time :)

We had booked into the Premier Inn on leatherhead road, a five minute walk from the back exit of the park and from the moment we entered the building we were treated to 5 star treatment even though it is a budget hotel and we paid, £39 a night - bargain. The room had a double bed, 2 single beds and a travel cot. it had plenty of towels and enough mugs for the complimentary tea and coffee. We made ourselves at home and took our picnic food out. We even took our sandwich toastie maker to save us a few quid so we dont have to eat in the restaurants :)

Saturday we met my Aunt and Uncle at the park with their grandson Johnnie, he came to see Mr Tumble with us a last week. So it was nice for Tilly to have someone to play with and go on the little ride with. they both went on the Bubbleworks ride over and over again lol. Sadly it rained in the afternoon :( and we ended up going to the hotel earlier than expected. i put tilly in a nice warm bath and then the older girls turned up with hot chocolates. lush :) As we own merlin passes, we are entitled to free hot drinks after 3pm at chessington.

Sunday was a beautiful day, it was so warm and we definatly didnt need the coats on. Unfortunatly today was the day that all the rides seemed to break down in the park. We were on the Skyway safari, a monorail ride that goes round the park and over the animal  enclosures, its one of tillys favourite rides and we go on it about 5 times a day lol. So here we are, enjoying the scenery AGAIN and it only bleeding stops over the gorilla enclosure lol. we sat there for about 5 minutes before it started again, and the excuse for the breakdown? it was too sunny!!
We then went on the  Carousel and that broke down! how do you explain that to a 3 year old? Then i had to take her on the Tiny truckers lol.
The Madagascar Show is amazing, its only about 20 minutes long but for those 20 minutes, it seems so real for the little ones and the audience participation is really good. We had to sit and watch it twice and then do the meet and greet characters.
That evening we went to have dinner in the beefeater grill attached to the hotel, it was actually quite rubbish. Alot of money for no decent food. we ordered a vegetarian meal and we were told a vegetarian roast consists of a plate of vegetables!! WTF?

Monday, final day in the park and the girls did their bit of big rides and i did the little ones with tilly again. We have had a fab few days and after working our way around the park for one last time, we set off for home via London.
In london we decided to take a trip to the new London Dungeons, they are now placed down by the London eye, making it easier for us to do them :). Now the Aquarium, The Eye and The Dungeons can all be done in an afternoon, bonus if you have the Merlin Pass. There are new acts and its so much bigger, All of Londons gruesome history under one roof. The thing we missed though was the fire of london, i am sure that was in the old one and there was more about Jack the Ripper in the old Dungeons. Even Tilly liked the Dungeons, she knew it was all pretend and managed the whole thing without getting scared.

Overall its been a fab weekend away with my girls xx


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