Saturday, 20 April 2013

Stress free saturday :)

Bethany has taken Tilly out to Dover for the day so i get some me time, i have been so tired lately and i do feel the depression coming back slowly. Its just so hard to fight all the time. But this morning i took time to do my nails, experiment with my new nail strips that have arrived, i didnt really like the effect but at least i had time to play and do my nails for a night out tonight. It was so nice to just be me this morning, not have any background noise and it was totally silent- lush. so tonight i went out and we decided to give the weatherspoons a go at night time, i have been there a couple of times in the day for a meal and its been rubbish, the meals were awful. But only me could corner the manager when i am tipsy and tell him how crap the meals were and he was quite nice about it, he told us to come back on monday for a meal and see the difference as he now has 2 chefs and wants to know my opinion, and he offered me a free dessert too. So i guess on monday i will be going to spoons. (like i need an excuse) xx

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