Thursday, 25 April 2013

The monkeys party

Today i couldnt go to college i had a friend in need that i went to support, so it meant leaving Tilly at home as she was a bit under the weather. i got home by 3pm to be greeted by a rather harassed 20 year old daughter.

she greeted me with 'Thank God your home mum, i am knackered. We have dressed up as princess aurora, then played barbies. We then dressed up as repunzel and i was the prince. Then mum she got changed again and we had to hold a birthday party for the monkeys'

I had to ask 'what monkeys Kim?'

She replied with 'the ones that had a birthday, we sat on the floor and the door kept going so Tilly kept getting up and answering the door, greeting them and showing them where to sit. We even had to sing happy birthday to the monkeys, but its ok they all had a great time, then we had to dress up as princesses again and go in the garden.

This did make me chuckle and the kids have such a tight strong bond with their brother and sisters, its so lovely to see them playing with her. When she was born  was worried that she would effectivly be an only child, but watching a 19 year old man playing barbies with his 3 yr old sister is enough to mke your heart melt.

 I dont have many of the four of them together but i do love this one xx

Imagination is such an important part of a childs growing and learning and should be encouraged at every opputunity

A Childs imagination

The little children look at the sky and see the limit
They look at the world and see it’s beauty
They look at the starts and see their twinkle
And they look at the moon and see the old man

A Childs imagination has no limits
They can make so much out of so little
They have to many dreams
And a lot more wishes

The world is a place of wonder
And their minds are still forming
They laugh at the little thing
And ask the questions that we don’t think about

They laugh just to see you laugh
They play in world that we forgot
They can do anything that they put their minds too
They sleep and think about what they’re going to do tomorrow

Lets all see the world threw a Childs eyes!

Lesley Bass

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