Monday, 22 April 2013

The return to Spoons

So today me and Eileen went to weatherspoons to take the manager up on his offer and i must say i was impressed with the food - they have totally changed my mind.

They had no childrens menus but the manager went out the back and printed one off for me, but after ll that Tilly wanted ham, egg and chips from the adult meal. I went with the Steak pudding :)

I also found out i had won a prize with a website and have won a Box of shocks which is pranks to play on each other. I am loving the winning prizes. Last xmas we had such a tough time money wise that i could barely afford presents, this year i am putting my prizes away for xmas pressies, it my help ease it

Tilly is going to love this at xmas to do tricks on her brothers and sisters xx

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