Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Two more sleeps till chessington :)

Today i had fun and games trying to get Tilly ready to go out. First she wanted to wear her new peppa pig Pyjamas , which i wouldn't mind after all its her own mind and her own individuality but she changed her mind as we were heading out the door and wanted to be Tinkerbell - so quick wardrobe change.

we caught the bus to dover and i sat next the man with the odour problem! of all the seats he chose mine lol then Me and Miss Tilly had a sneaky macdonalds before going to meet Michelle and Kayla for a chat and cuppa. the girls had such a lovely time but we thought it was time to go when we had been there for a few hours and we were in danger of being charged rent lol.

I have recently started to buy Tilly all the Disney DVDs, and today i got her peter pan and The hunchback of NotreDame, when she went to bed she sat and watched Peter Pan and all i could hear was little giggles coming from her <3 she loved it. Its an expensive habit buying these DVDs but it has to be done :) Also found out i had gained enough points from disney to order another one for free so Kimmy made me chose Aladdin as its her favourite film lol. 

So 2 more sleeps till we go to Chessington and Miss Tilly gets her own merlin pass :) she has grown up so much over the past year and she is now over 90 cms so we can take her on loads of rides :) xx

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