Sunday, 7 April 2013

Two pre-schoolers, a trip across London, Pick pocketing and Mr Tumble

So yesterday the day finally came for us to use our tickets that we won from Heart Radio to go to see Justin Fletcher and friends :)

 Traveling to London from Kent is such a slow long journey and with a toddler can be a nightmare at times. We met My lovely cousin Kerry and her son John at Waterloo and made the most of the Merlin passes and went to the Aquarium on the River Thames near the London Eye. The kids loved it, Tilly has a thing for the sharks she can sit and watch them forever. We walked round and come across the colourful fish and John found Nemo, He was quite excited and Tilly asked me who Nemo was - note to self, buy finding nemo!

 After the Aquarium we went to get the tube to Wembley for me to discover my oyster card, bank card, some receipts and my train tickets for the train up to london were missing. There was a panic to start with, but instead of falling apart like i would of done a year or two ago i just bought a new tube ticket and cancelled my bank card. luckily i had enough cash on me :) We arrived at Wembley Arena with 2 minutes to spare before the show and my little girl loved every minute of it. i have never seen such concentration on her face and its the first time i have really seen her participate like she was. She joins in with 'show me show me' at home but this was so different. i wanted to bottle up the whole moment and remember it forever. We were so lucky to have won the tickets but i will definatly pay to go again next year :)

On the way home i had to take a hyperactive 3 yr old on the train in a confined space ARGHHHH lol, all she did was talk and talk and talk, i do love it that she is so curious but it was a long journey home!!

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