Thursday, 11 April 2013

Who the hell did i take my washing machine warrenty out with ? :/

So last night my washing machine decided it was going to give me the E08 message and make my life hard, before we go away so i cant catch up with the washing. Me, Kimmy and Bethany spent the whole evening looking for the warrenty letter, but do you think we could find it? NO! i racked my brains not knowing who the warrenty is with, so this morning i just bit the bullet and phoned Hoover who told me the warrenty was with Legal and General YIPPEE :) repair booked for a weeks time.

So my morning was spent at the laundrette with eileen doing mountains of washing and costing me a bloody fortune - but atleast its done now :)

Tilly was lucky enough to be invited to a belated easter party today, she loved every minute of it. boy does Tracy know how to throw a party. Personally i think she should go into party planning, i have previously mentioned her as she made tillys birthday cake.
The kids enjoyed the running around, finding the easter eggs and the bunnys. Miss Tilly come out of it with a few bumps a grazes and stuck by kelseys side the whole time bless her <3

So one more sleep till chessington, i am going to try blogging by phone when i am away, now that is going to be fun eeeeeekkkk.

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