Saturday, 4 May 2013

Down the coast on the steam train

today we got up early and took the bus down the coast to Hythe and joined the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway. It is a small train line that runs from hythe in Kent down to Dungerness (a place i had never actually been)

We arrived at the Ticket office a bought a £16 day rover ticket, meaning we could get on and off as we wanted. We went to the train and our little engine was called Hercules.

We sat in our little tiny carriage, squeezed in with the buggy, the shopping bag, the snack bag and the trunki bag and sat back watching the countryside go by. We got off the train at New Romney and stayed for a cuppa but it was heaving with people and it was cold (we were a bit under dressed in our summer clothes) Then we got back on the train to go to Dungerness.

we arrived there and poor tilly was fast asleep on the seat lol.

After scooping her up and placing her in the buggy, chuffed wth myself as she was still asleep we went to see what was to do in Dungerness. After spying a pub, i took tilly over the stones and promptly woke her up (ARGGHHHHH) Lucky she woke up in a good mood.

We had a drink and climbed the train again only this time a found a luggage carriage and put the buggy in there, leaving us more space in our little carriage. We travelled all the way back up the line to Dymchurch, where there is a little fun fair for tilly to have a ride and a pub for us to have lunch in.

The staff on the whole of the rail line, were really enthusiastic about their work and were so good with the customers and the children. One member of staff even convinced Tilly that she could make the trains go and stop if she waved her Thomas The Tank Engine flag.

It was a lovely day out and on the bus ride home Tills fell asleep (even more lovely)


  1. Aww that looks like the perfect day out!! I love trains like that. I am not keen at all on public transport, but this is different!

  2. We have been on this train many times, it's great fun the kids love it, we are going again in the summer holidays


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