Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Mystery Shopping

At the weekend, i went back to mystery shopping, its something i hadnt done since before Tilly was born. I thoroughly enjoyed it and slipped back into it so easily. I had to go to  an outlet shop and purchase a pair of shoes - pretty easy task :)

I cant believe how easy it was, they were so polite and helpful - made for such an easy report.
I went home and submitted the report and my expenses and all for a free pair of shoes that i passed on to Bethy.

I am looking forward to many more mystery shops, i used to do loads of them, for instance i travelled to leeds on the train once, first class and it was all paid for and i got cash for doing it too, i was a regular shopper at Harrods or Harvey Nicks buying top of the range perfumes and on other days i just had to buy a family meal from KFC

i enjoyed my welcome back to the world of mystery shopping

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