Thursday, 2 May 2013

Tillys 5 personalites today :)

Today it has been hard work trying to keep up with my child. We woke up early and she was ready to go for the day.
Firstly i tried to do some work on the computer whilst she sat in bed and watched a Disney Dvd, but she had other ideas and proceeded to jump on my bed, jump on me, force my arm round her body to cuddle her, then s i went down stairs for a couple of minutes she managed to turn the computer screen on the laptop round and i was reading everything sideways *sigh*

So i decided the only option was to get her out the house, so she took 30 minutes choosing some clothes to wear, only to discard then and put her rapunzel dress on! Walking to baby group she told me i had to be Flynn Ryder (for those of you no aware who he is, he is from Disney Tangled), i wasnt allowed to answer to mummy, i had to reply to Flynn all morning.

Once we got home i had to change her to her Esmerelda outfit and she played in the garden. Ten minutes later she was wanting to change so she became a lady pirate ........ at this point i started thinking about the amount of washing i will be doing later :s

She was then Sully from Monsters inc and i even had to take her out in public, dressed up like this. Lastly she decided she wanted to be Tinkerbelle and wore Beths green fairy dress as she played in the garden.

I do love her imagination and that fact she can dress up and play as 5 different characters just shows how she loves to entertain herself and use her imagination. So she cant ride a bike like others her own age, she cant form letters like other parents say their 3 year olds can do, or she cant draw shapes but if she could, i would trade it all in for the imagination she has - i love it xx

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