Sunday, 16 June 2013

fathers day

This is tillys biological father, His name is rod and we currently have a restraining order out on him, due to him threatening to take Tilly from my care even though he never even put her first in his life and he stopped seeing her when she was 5 months old. Even though she had suspected bonchitus at 9 months old and i needed to rush her to hospital, he still refused to put his daughter first! This man doesnt deserve to have the title of father!
when i had severe PND, this man was with me by my side when i took an overdose. He simply got up and walked out, saying he couldnt be found in my house.
Yes i am naming and shaming - men like this should be sterilised!

On the other hand, these are the men in Tillys life, who she has learned to rely on and trust!

Zach is her older brother, on occaisions that she asks about a dad, we tell her that she doesnt need a dad as she has zach who lives with us and her friends might have a dad, but they dont have a big brother like her 'zachy'
Zach is the one that takes her to the sweet shop and buys her ice cream, he is the one that takes her for walks, he is the one that cuddles up in bed with her. He will make a brilliant dad one day

The other father figure she has is 'Daddy Mike'
He is my best friends hubby and tilly was the bridemaid at their wedding. She first started calling him daddy mike when she was a baby and we were visiting them, The children got excited because Daddy was home - so of course tilly joined in and ran around shouting ''Daddy''. Now everytime we get together he becomes daddy mike again and she feels so much more part of their family. Sometimes she even asks me if we can phone Daddy mike up :)

Its so nice to know that she has these two father figures in her life. i know she will have somewhere else to go if she needs a male figure in the future.

I respect both of these men for stepping into the shoes of an unfit drunken father and stepping up to do everything they can to protect her with their life.

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