Saturday, 8 June 2013

Legoland Day Out

Today we had to get up and leave the house at 530am to spend nearly 4 hours travelling to get to legoland. I woke tilly up 5 minutes before the taxi arrived and literally took her in her pyjamas! She travelled on the train to london, we went on the high speed and at St pancras Tilly was able to go into the drivers compartment and meet the driver and have her picture taken :)

We travelled on the tube in her 'jammies' and then at vauxhall we had to change to a windsor train. nobody even battered an eyelid.

We arrived at windsor and eton riverside and my cousin Kerry met us with her husband and son, John. Luckily we got to the park not long after opening as they have been getting so busy that they are closing the park by lunchtime. Tilly loves Legoland now as she is old enough for the rides :) and amazingly this time i didnt lose her!!

She even was big enough for driving school now and was so chuffed when they gave her a driving license

Tills did so well, we didnt take a buggy as I dont like using one on the tube on my own. and she walked round all day, only falling asleep in the car on the way back to the train station. so then I had to carry her to the train - bless her heart.

she didnt sleep for long and she amazingly woke up just in time to walk the tube and on to the high speed home, where she got a blanket out and had a picnic with her new toys lol

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