Sunday, 30 June 2013

Legoland :)

Today we had a trip to Legoland. When we booked the hotel, we chose it as it was a ten minute drive to Legoland. So we had our cooked breakfast, packed the last of our bits and Mike drove me, Kimmy, Tilly and Lewis to Legoland whilst Sam finished off packing in her hotel room with the Anson and Kirstin. So we are driving for what seems forever and get stuck in traffic ..... not sure where they get the  '10 minutes from legoland' from lol. took about an hour to get to the roundabout at the bottom of Legoland and we just got out and walked the rest of the way. Mike went back to collect Sam and the kiddies, found a faster route and got back to Legoland in no time :)

Eventually we got in and the kids loved it, ride after ride. Because of my MH problems we are allowed a stamp on our hands that allows us to use the exit to get on the rides. It cuts out a lot of the queuing and feeling anxious in the crowds of people. We also have our merlin passes, so we dont pay to get in, but i did feel sorry for the families that probably paid £100s of pounds for a day out and only manage a few of the bigger rides.

Tilly used to live and breathe Chessington - now its all about Leoland lol.

It was a lovely day and over all too soon and the Wright-Hurns had to head back to Wiltshire and we got on the bus to go to the train station ...... it took an hour due to the traffic! I should of allowed travel time like this to get to the station, but i have never been stuck in the traffic like this before. I missed my train and that meant i missed my connections to the trains to farnborough! lucky for us, my lovely aunt offered to come and rescue us. So we grabbed a macdonalds and sat on the banks of windsor castle. Didnt take long for tilly to fall asleep in the car. We had a lovely day and a bit with Sam, Mike and the kids. It was so lovely to see them all play together and get on so well, you wouldnt of thought there was 100s of miles separating us normally :)

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