Friday, 21 June 2013

Sister Shack

I can't sleep so I am laying in bed thinking about a girl who I knew once. 

 She was paranoid, psychotic and had visions of harming her baby! She had reached rock bottom and couldn't leave the house on her own. Everything was planned and written down to the minute of the day and if anything was a minute out, this girl just flipped. She accused people of poisoning her baby and threatened to stab a man through the heart cos he took a balloon from her in a pub one night. One night she was so convinced that she had bought the wrong baby home from baby group that she had to call someone at 3am to check it was her child. This lady was in so much pain that nobody understood how she felt untill the special sisters entered her life and started to help her face her problems and guide her through them. These sisters held her hand the whole way and still do now if she needs it. This lady has disappeared from my life now and I am sometimes sad that she is gone as she helped me to see another kind of life and helped me to discover a new me. A me that I am learning to love. Without some very special ladies, I wouldn't be where I am today. I love my sisters and I love our shack xx

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