Sunday, 7 July 2013

An open Letter

Dear Kimmy,

I know i dont say it often enough but i love you so much and i really appreciate the things you do for us. When i had Tilly you were studying your A levels and getting ready for your exams, so me being ill was the last thing you needed but you held it together and got the grades you needed for uni. 

You worked your job and your uni around me, making sure i was never alone with tilly and i really dont know how you coped but you did and you never moaned

We got through the first year of uni - i dont know how because i dont really remember, but in the second year came my diagnosis for Bi pola :(, again you found the strength to carry on with everything whilst learning to understand the illness and be able to understand how i am feeling. Studying Psychology helped lol.

The third and final year seemed a breeze and you put so much effort into your work and your grades, you made me so proud but nothing could of made me any prouder of when you told me you had got your degree on tuesday. i have been sworn to secrecy but it killed me because i wanted to shout from the rooftops. 

not bad for a kid who was written off at primary school and has pushed and pushed yourself, you struggled with Dyslexia and still made this amazing grade

I am now looking forward to graduation in canterbury cathedral in november, i will be the proudest mum there.

Life is good for Team Hall-Newman at the moment

Love you to Galifray and back <3

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