Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Off on our jollies to the country

So today Tilda and i had to get up early to catch the train to Chippenham. we were going to see Sam and Mike and their georgous children.

I got the high speed to london, Tills needed the toilet so i took her and as we were coming out there was a man in a rush to get in, he tried to push passed me, pushed the button to make the door open and he caught Tills fingers in the door. I screamed at the man that he had caught her fingers and he just stood there looking. I pulled her fingers free and ran into the toilet to run her fingers under water - there was no water in the bloody taps! the man was still waiting to go in the loo but how i never smacked him, i dont know. I walked the length of the train and there was no guard visible! i was furious. Tilda was screaming in pain so as soon as i got off the train i took her to a member of staff who called first aid. They were brilliant and took her to get a cold compress on them. I was so angry because of the the fact that the man involved didnt even apologise, didnt ask how she was! what is becoming of the world, when you hurt a child and dont apologise.

I am so proud, i was shaking and my confidence took a real battering, i felt like i couldnt be trusted to look after my own child and protect her from harm :(. but i managed to carry on my journey and managed on the underground (Tills was excited so it made it easier to forget what had happened).

We got to Paddington Station, Tilly loves the statue of paddington and insists on having her photo taken everytime we pass through. We got on the train and Tilly was so excited when we sat at our seat and there was a tv in the seat. she spent the whole journey glued to the tv :)

We arrived at Chippenham and had to take a bus to Rowde, i was bloody terrified, i didnt know where i was supposed to get off but i managed it! go me.

It was lovely to see my friends again, and The kids all play together as if they saw each other every day xx

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