Friday, 16 August 2013

unexpected road trip

So i am going to chessington tomorrow, but as its a 4 and half hour trip tomorrow i will need to get a 6am train and travel through Redhill. This means changing at Tonbridge, Redhill and Clapham junction. I have been awake most of the night worrying about the journey and how i will manage it on my own, without a pram for tilly.

I am trying to do things on my own more and more but times it is still over whelming and i just feel a failiure that i cant do something :(

Wwe went to baby group this morning and i bit the bullet and phoned my aunt who i was going to Chessington with. we come up with the solution that i sat down there for the night and travel with them., The train fare will be the same and i dont have to face the daunting journey on my own.

First though, me and my little pirate have a pirate party to go to at the paddling pool, Tilly enjoyed it very much and she joined in with the games and actually went on the bouncy castle.

So here we are at 6.30pm just left london and on the fast train to Farnborough, sleeping pills in my bag after the last visit when i didnt sleep lol.

I am so lucky to have the family i have xx

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