Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Butlins day

Today is the day i am taking Tilly to Butlins, the place full of the furry, scary characters that she absolutely hates to get near. But it is like a trial holiday for Disneyland Paris.

We arrived at the resort at lunchtime and we were sitting outside in the lovely sunshine when characters started to walk by and to my utter surprise Tilly asked to go and cuddle one. So off she run and gave Billy Bear a big massive cuddle.

We had booked top of the range chalet and when we arrived in the chalet, first impressions were good untill we noticed  tea stains up the wall by the bin where people had thrown teabags away, cobwebs in the windows, and dirty manky popcorn down the banister. My aunts had a chalet next door to us and they went onto the balcony and there was broken glass and dirty fag butts left over from the adult weekend. Not what you would expect from the accomadation we had booked. A quick call to customer service and it finally got sorted after a couple of hours
So a very disappointing start to our holiday, but we were not going to let it get us down.

Tilly has told me Butlins is better than legoland, but not better than chessington. I am so glad she likes it here lol.

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