Thursday, 12 September 2013

get rid of a gate crasher and more arrive

This morning kim took tills to the toddler swim and they did a swim class, all inclided in the holiday. Then afterwards we met up with her so she could do a few last rides on the fair with Tills and then she sadly had to go home :(.

We took the train into town and sadly Kimmy went off on her way. But she didnt know i had filled her back pack with as much of our bits as we could mwahahaha. i got back to the chalet and i felt really sad because i missed her already

We spent the afternoon in the local brewers fayre pub, two meals for £10 is such a bargain. I bought Tills an adult meal as she didnt seem to have eaten much all holiday yet hadnt complained of being hungry!

we had an afternoon nap so that Tilly could stay out till late tonight otherwise she becomes mrs grouchy,

We skipped dinner as we were still full from our massive lunch, we went to the arcades and then went to the presentation of the football medals.

There wasnt much entertainment on this evening so we went to the Bar Rosso (were we get really drunk on the adults weekend) and there was an entertainer/ singer there called Chris Andre, he was a lovely bloke and mingled with people and afterwards we were told he was Peter Andres brother, we had to google this to check because the amount of time men have told me they are someone or something other than what they really

Charlotte, my cousin and her nephew john arrived for the night and to drive my aunties home in the morning. So we all sat down to do the family quiz. It was a joint effort as there were questions that the little ones knew the answer to. We waited untill the end to found out we had won the quiz! our team won £40 so split it 4 ways and we were chuffed :)

We got back to the chalet and our new holiday gatecrashers moved into our chalet and all we did in  bed was giggle like school kids and the little ones kept telling us off. i think having people to come down and stay made the holiday even more special ::)

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