Thursday, 26 September 2013

Is the terrible threes, the new terrible twos?

When i was a mum the first 3 times round i remember the terrible twos, the times when you try to disipline your little ones because they are being naughty but often are unaware theyre being naughty and are stubborn so sometime know what they are doing is wrong and its a real battle of the wills to try and get your toddler to behave. So what on earth is going on with my three yr old? all though we never really suffered with the terrible twos with Tilly, she is sure making us suffer now! We can go out and she will refuse to hold my hand, she will wonder off, she will run away, can have a tantrum because she doesnt get her own way. She listens to the older children and copies swear words! Today for instance she had to climb a tree in the precinct, despite me telling her not to. but she insisted she had to do it because she couldnt reach the apples (there are no apples on this tree). But not only did she do this but she taught her little friend to do it too. so that will be awful if she falls and breaks some bone :/ but i suppose i should be greatful - she has stopped shoplifting

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