Monday, 30 September 2013

Sober for October

As a few of you probably allready knew, when i was really ill with PND after the birth of Tilly i hit the bottle quite hard. i would go out as soon as i got up in the morning to get out the house with Tilly, then i would be in the pub with her untill sometimes 11pm at night. It is shocking behaviour and unfortunatly due to my problems i was unable to stop it.

It wasnt untill things got so bad one day when Tilly was 5 months old  and i was with a 'friend' (who turned out to be a nasty piece of work) and i had a row with tillys dad and i went home and took an overdose. Then i realised i had a problem and i had nearly lost my child. I vowed then that it had to stop and it did, i took to trying to be a parent to my baby and put a stop to the going out. I am grateful that i managed to stop otherwise it could of led to a severe problem and i really could of lost Tilly.

I now go out once every couple of months (although sometimes i end up going out 2 weeks in a row and then not again for 3 months lol). i can control what i drink and i go out, get drunk, fall over, get a  kebab and then suffer the hangover the next day, but i know i can walk away from the booze. We dont drink at home unless its a special occaision.

October is Stay Sober for October, its a chance to be sober for one month whilst raising money for macmillan. I decided to take this opputunity to take part in it because i know how close i was to a drink problem and a very good friend of mine has a sister who recently suffered from breast cancer, the Macmillan nurses were very good and gave them some money to help them out of a tough spot. Macmillan are amazing people and really do help the people in need and please help me support this cause by donating what you can.

Thank you

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