Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Spa day

Today i wanted to squeeze in as much as i can for Kimmy being here, so we got up, shoved a quick breakfast in a mouths and dashed off to watch the Mike the Knight show.

After that we joined the growing queue for the popular Cbeebies show 'I can cook'. Although we were excited to see the show, we were disappointed to see it wasnt katie from the programme. The little kids watching it thorougly enjoyed the show and Tilly interacted the whole time. 

Afterwards we went to have some lunch in the chalet and then we headed off to the Ocean hotel for 2 hours in the spa.

The spa staff were lovely and welcomed us genuinly and showed us around the spa, explaining what we could and couldnt use according to medical needs. My aunt Pat is in a wheelchair as she suffers MS and he was so helpful with us, to him its just a job i expect, but for someone to genuinly help like that and be so bubbly and happy, it was nice to see. 

We had the hydrotherapy pool that we all climbed in and we could choose whether we wanted the jets on or not, i left my aunts to it and sat in the sauna for a little while, i was alone in there so it was really really peaceful, but just as i got to the 'i cant breathe' stage i left to go into the snow room. OMG, i have never been in the snow and ice with just a swimming costume on before and as i had come from the heat, it was lovely. just as it started to get too cold i went to the steam room and it was lovely. They had essential oils smelling in the steam room and made the encounter more enjoyable. I then decided to get in the shower before i got back in the hydropool. there was a waterfall one that had a showerhead in the shape of a water fall and omg it was cold like a waterfall - yet refreshing. Then there was a tropical rain shower - perfect. i pushed a button and 70 style music came from the shower too, it was so cool lol.  Then after another dip in the hydrotherapy pool i went to the outside jaccuzzi, expecting it to be cold outside, once your in the jacuzzi it is lovely. it was over looking the fair and i saw a fair ride thinking i was so glad tilly was too small for it because it looked too scary.

After the spa experience we phoned kimmy and she told me they were in the fair, i said i would be a few minutes and she then told me she had taken Tills on the big, fast fair ride - good job she told me after the event lol. They had also done Tots soccer school, all week tilly had been asking to play football and they did a lesson for the pre schoolers, she loved it. 

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