Friday, 6 September 2013

The day of dread and Anticipation has arrived! back to work after 7 weeks off

Today i am returning to work after 7 weeks off due to stress from work affecting my family life and my relationship with my older children.

I took 3 weeks holiday and then a further 4 weeks from my allocated leave i am allowed due to having a child under 5. your entitled to 4 weeks a year and i took it.

I do feel better for taking the time off and for the first half of the time, i didnt even miss going to work and i avoided the place like the plague, anxiety was building in the last few weeks but i just figured if i dont like work i will hand in my notice today.

I returned to work on a positive note today and it was nice being me again, other than being tillys mummy. Even the  customers said i looked better for the time off :)

i like a challenge so i will make going to work every week a challenge that i will win.

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