Friday, 25 October 2013

Competition time :)

For todays competition i have a Garnier Ultralift Roll on.

Garnier have a whole of Ultra-lift products in their range, this goes from Serums to night Cream. as a beautician i actually use the Garnier range for facials as i love the way it all works together and there is never any bad effects from the products.

The roll-on is  an absolute skincare innovation, it is inspried by massage techniques and its enriched with Pro-Retinol. It is the original Anti wrinkle eye roll-on and it Targets certain areas of the face like the eye contour, forehead and lip contour.

When you first open the box, you look at the small 15ml size rollerball and wonder how it will help your fine lines and wrinkles, but using the rollerball under your eyes you soon realise as the metal ball is so refreshing and soothing (a quick tip is to use this rollerball when you have to go to work the morning after a night out, it wakes you up and you know it will help with the tired lines)

This can be bought in most drug stores and is readily available on Amazon, it s RRP is £10.20 but can be found at a discounted price if you shop around. This is a must have for you Handbag, you will see an improvement

To get your hands on one of these Garnier Roll-ons, just enter through the rafflecoptor below (uk only). xx

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