Wednesday, 23 October 2013

countdown to Halloween #3

Scary Halloween Jelly


2 x 135g packs strawberry or raspberry jelly
425g can lychees in syrup
12-14 small seedless green grapes
12-14 dark coloured jelly beans
80g white marzipan
6-8 whole blanched almonds
red piping gel or red icing in a tube

How to make it

Cut the jelly into cubes with scissors and place in a bowl. Add 400ml boiling water and stir continuously until dissolved.
Drain the lychees, reserving the juice. Put the juice in a measuring jug and make up to 400ml with cold water. Add to the dissolved jelly.
Pour about a quarter of the jelly into a clear glass dish and place in the fridge to set.
Take a grape and gently push a jelly bean into the centre, using the hole where the stalk has been. Then gently push the grape into a lychee. Repeat with the remaining grapes and lychees to make eyeballs.
To make the spooky fingers, divide the marzipan into 6 and shape into sausages the size of a finger. Pipe a little red gel at one end and attach an almond to represent a fingernail. Using a small knife mark three or four lines half way down the finger to make a knuckle.
When the jelly is set, arrange half the eyeballs over the surface, add more jelly and return to the fridge.
When this has set, arrange the remaining eyeballs over the jelly. Place the spooky fingers against the side of the bowl. Pour over the remaining jelly and place in the fridge to set. Serve in the bowl.
    Recipe from, October 2012

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