Monday, 28 October 2013

Countdown to Halloween #8

The evil queen

Being a beauty therapist, stage makeup is something that really interests me. I just love the transformation it does to a person. Here is the evil queen.

I love this evil queen 'how to' make up, in fact you dont really even need to keep it to halloween. There are many occaisions that i have dressed up with my friends for a girly night out. here is the 'how to'

Eye brows and eye shapes
Use stencil (click the link for the pdf file) to trace new brows with black gel liner and a small brush. With black eye shadow, go over natural brows. Use template to brush on cat eyes; fill in, leaving inner corners blank.

eye make up template

Red shadow around the eyes

Using a lip brush, apply red lipstick above natural eyebrows and underneath cat eyes. Smudge with finger as needed. With a sponge applicator, dab white eye shadow on brows, above red.

Pink and black cheeks

Using a blush brush, apply black eye shadow underneath cheekbones. Add pink blush on cheekbones, and then blend together as needed with brush.

Lashes and shadowing
Paint on eyelashes with a small brush and gel liner. Dab white shadow on inner corner of eyes and between cat eyes and natural and stenciled brows. Brush red lipstick at inner corners.


Red and black lips

Using brush, outline lips with black gel liner; fill in a bit of black at the bow of the upper lip and at the bottom of the lower. Brush red lipstick in center, and smudge out to blend.

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  1. I wish I'd been creative and given something like this a shot for the party I went to last night, this look is fab!


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