Tuesday, 22 October 2013

first day at school

So today was the first day of my Swedish massage course, i got up early and left the house at 7am and walked a mile into town before grabbing a Costa and jumping on the bus for the hour bus ride to school.

I got to Canterbury and asked the bus driver where i had to get off and he told me to get off after the roundabout, so i took my seat and the bus only went round a corner and past a roundabout and he stopped. The driver never said a word and i didnt get off as there was no school about. We went a bit further and i stood up, the driver said ' you missed the stop love, you had to get off where i stopped and cut through the alley and allotments' Oh my days!

He then told me there was another way i could go but it was the other side of town, so i waited on the bus and this time he told me where to get off and lo and behold it was by the school gates.

i went to the reception and they told me where the class was, it has been running for 3 weeks already so i am a bit of a latecomers. I stood outside the class, took a deep breathe and walked in on the class of strangers. I tried to be so confident but inside i was shaking like hell.

My tutor is the same as last year, so atleast there was a familiar face there for me.

Most of the paperwork, i had covered in my beauty course last year so it was good to be refreshed. But after that we did practicals. I was told to have a massage as i had never been shown how to do it, And i was mortified to discover that i had to get undressed to my underwear. I am not a prude BUT i had massive hold it all knickers on and an old comfortable bra on (with holes in it, i must add). i was so embarrassed, but i thought its not going to be the last time i do it, so i might as well get it out the way.

After the class i went straight out to buy new underwear! lol

Roll on the next lesson

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