Sunday, 13 October 2013

Mummy, why do you always do things when i am asleep?

Whilst i was sitting on a bus with Tilly we had this converstaion about Santa

Tilly 'mummy can we go and see santa soon?'
Me  'yes when its near xmas and there is snow on the ground'
Tilly 'where is santas reindeers?'
Me  'they are at Lapland, where Santa lives. Kimmy, Bethy, Zach and mummy have been there'
Tilly ' What? When i was asleep? you always do nice things when i am asleep!'
Me  'No Tilly, when Kimmy was a little girl like you'

So this whole conversation got me thinking about Lapland. 5 years ago this winter we set off to Gatwick to spend a day in Lapland. We had decided that as our flight went at 6 am and checkin was $am, that we would get the last train from our town and arrive at Gatwick for just after midnight meaning that we only had a few hours to hang around before check in - but like all the best plans it went wrong!

There was a hold up on the train and i missed my connection to Redhill and then that would mean i missed the connection from Redhill to Gatwick, and as it was the last train of the night i had no way of getting to the airport, so they paid for a taxi for us to get there, meaning we were there an hour before we were supposed to be, yippee and extra hour to wait around the airport!

After a few hours sleep on the airport floor/chairs we checked in and boarded our plane, the kids were given a santa hat and from the moment we got on the plane, it was all about the kids. It was a Santa plane and all the people were doing the same thing as us.

A couple of hours later and we arrived at Rovenemi in Finland, we got off the plane and although it was cold, it wasnt too bad as there was actually no wind! We were given our winter thermal clothes at the airport and left all our coats and bags there. We boarded a bus and our adventure really started. Although we arrived there at 11am local time, by 2pm it was getting dark. We had time to do Husky dog rides, play with sledges and Reindeer sleigh rides before it started to get dark, then we went off to a teepee to listen to an elf telling traditional north pole stories and we had the chance to drink reindeer milk.

we were then taken to see Santa and he gave all the kids a present each, just to see him in Lapland was magical.

After this we went to a small village where We had a traditional Finnish meal and then we had a few hours of free time to go and explore Santas Village, We crossed over the line of the north pole and we went to see Santas post office, We also had the chance to go down ice slides. The kids thoroughly enjoyed it, even though they were teenagers at the time ;)

When we were done we simply got back on the coach, to go back to the Airport where we got our own clothes back and we boarded the plane home, arriving at just before midnight. So we spent another few hours at the airport and the kids slept again whilst i stayed awake, then got the first train home in the morning. After two nights of no sleep, i was exhausted but the adrenalin kept me going, and i would def do it again :) xx

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