Monday, 28 October 2013

On thursday i was lucky enough to win some tickets to The Baby Show in London from We got up early and took the 7am train and after 3 hours of travelling arrived at Kensington Olympia. We put the children into the Creche supplied by Fisher price and took a stroll round enjoying the peace after the 3 hour train journey.

We came across the nudge-me stand and thanked them for the tickets, Ally running it was very friendly and said 'ah you must be Vicky' i thought it was lovely that she remembered my name and she was so warm and welcoming.  is a company for busy parents to help them get some 'me time' back in their life. It was set up by Ally after chatting with some friends and finding out that it wasnt only her who had time to find 'me time' in between juggling work commitments, 3 daughters and a social life.

We know that more and more new parents are working to cover the bills and the cost of everyday living. leaving little time for much else in your life, especially being organised - i know as i am the most un organised person i know!  At Nudge-me, you will find the perfect answer to this dilemna, as the website will help you to find the perfect gift and even remind you when there is an occaision coming up that needs remembering. Not only will it help you to a little bit more in control, you will look good for never forgetting ;)

Finding gifts for your loved ones is easy using the gift finder as you can put in the details and it narrows down the gifts to that person, meaning you dont have to go through pages and pages of gifts.

You also have the option of searching for example a ladies gift, then click on birthday and then, £10-£20 and it brings up all the gifts they suggest and where you can buy them form. You click the link and it takes you to the webpage and you order its simple and so much easier than searching the different websites one by one.

Nudge-me is free to join which is a bonus for a stress free, more organised life your about to get, and they work in partnership with many different varieties of  companies too, so your going to get a good selection of gifts.

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